18 November 2011

Consuming life

I just enjoyed an enlivened discussion with my wife.  One of the focal points in our conversation focused around the candles by which we ate. 

Although both candles were roughly the same height when we began dinner, one burned much more emphatically than the other.  The traits I noticed though centered around how the faster burning candle spread out more than the traditional, ridigid one. 

The faster burning candle was brighter, spread its warmth and coverage more, and at one point built a wax column above th flame, as if the focal point was what it left as an imprint.  The other candle, while consistent, was non-descript in its action. 

So at the end of the day, which candle would you rather be and have reflect your life?

16 November 2011

Handicapping Life

 Isn't it great to live a perfect life?  I mean for most of us we don't have physical or mental issues that limit us from participating in life.  We might have the simple malidies of poor eyesight or lessening hearing, but we're whole.  We're not afflicted like those poor unfortunate people who are, you know a little lesser than us. 

I mean it's not that we look really down on them.  We're just so sorry that they're a little short of "whole" like us.  They suffered some tragic accident or lost all of one of their senses, so you know, they really can't enjoy life like us right? 

Those poor people who are just a little less than the perfect we have in our mind, and our physical being, and certainly in our lifestyle.  You know, we don't want to handicap ourselves either by choosing something strange or looking a little odd from everyone else.  We don't really want to carry that baggage, you know that handicap with us. 

One of the members of our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) class lost their eyesight.  They would not be able to see their children grow up or enjoy the beauty of this earth.  I mean they were only left with discovering, with uncovering, with now "seeing" the beauty of Christ.  Through this ordeal they have learned through faith, what really "seeing" God is like. 

Or how about a young woman, who tragically becomes a quadriplegic.  Surely, she must realize that she's, you know unfortunately, just not whole like me.  She probably must feel bitterness at realizing that her life is just going to, you know, go to waste?  Right.  So someone go tell Joni Eareckson Tada to stop living an inspired life, built on her realizing God had greater plans than how he would use a "whole" person. 

Well, what about the promising artist who has it all?  You know the genius who suffers a completely debilitating problem.  They must thrown in the towel and give it up at the sign of difficulty, right?  Anyone listen to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony lately?  He composed it while being completely deaf.  It is said he overcame the issue of lost hearing by sawing the legs from his piano and going from the vibration the sound made through the floor.  Talk about being "moved" by music. 

The truth of the matter is we all have handicaps.  The unfortunate thing is many of us see ourselves as so perfect, we can't appreciate how God can polish those flaws and so we keep ourselves from reaching His purpose because, you know, we don't see ourselves as having flaws to fix, and we don't even realize how that handicaps us. 

The following is a song link to a song that speaks of how when we stand in God, admitting our weaknesses, it really makes us stronger.  There is though also a very special scene in the video.  Watch carefully for a little boy who is standing in the wings on a stage, and when the curtain goes up, and he sees the brilliant stage lights in their glory shine, it amazes him and draws him to the light. 


Now imagine that one minute you are here on earth and the next, within the blink of an eye you are standing in the brilliant presence of God.  That is the promise for the Christian who beleives in Christ.  Some we know and love dearly proceed us into that realm, and where we morn their passing, we also need to see how God will and can carry us through that handicap.  Sometimes it just comes at a terrible price for us. 

Sincerely, gene

29 October 2011

A day in Life - How was your's spent?

It is the close of the day.  A day spent in life.  So how did you spend your day?  What did you do that was unique or different?  What did you enjoy of your life today?  How did you appreciate it?  Or did you? 

There were, I am confident, 40+ games televised of titanic importance to absolutely nothing, but the god of self-importance for the throngs of adoring fans to the over-indulged nature of the self-grandized human participating in college football athletics. 

For me the day was spent participating with my 9 year old as he had a Halloween party with 8 of his friends, five of whom spent the night.  Watching them play and enjoy each others' company. 

It was a day enjoying my 20 year old daughter home from college.  Seeing her go with my wife, her stepmom, to have a pedicure while my wife, who gave som much this week to my 9 year old, enjoy a manicure.

It was a day spent with an hour nap with my beautiful wife falling asleep on my chest and taking a nap.  Enjoying holding her during that time.  Sleeping peacefully, knowing the ability to do so was what makes so much of life enjoyable and right. 

It was a special evening celebrating the 26th anniversary of my sweet sister-in-law's 24th Birthday.  A woman who gives so much to her nieces and nephews, including those grafted into the family tree.  Being able to take her to a restaurant she always wanted to visit, but had not taken the time to go. 

It is now spent, drinking a very nice port from a 100+ year old heirloom glass, given as a gift from very special friends of my parents.  At the same time listening to the following tune and thinking of the wonders of this earth I have been blessed to see, from a special pass rising between Montana and Yellowstone or the clarity of the glacial lakes in Glacier or the wild Atlantic in storm off Barbados. 

How have you spent your day?  Perhaps you have enjoyed the myriad of massive struggles of your favorite college team knowing it will occur again next week and next year and next decade.  Or perhaps you realize life is more than passive, lethargic entertainment and comes in the form of spending time doing and conversing and living. 


I hope whatever you did, you can reflect and see events that add to the memories of your life that don't come pre-bundled and packaged for you from someone else. 

Take care, gene

18 September 2011

Live Life

So today in Roman numerals i turned XLIX.  It's been an interesting ride in life, and given the events of the day meaning life, one learns that perspective helps define how you're going to view life itself.  So let's take a look at a simple phrase -

"May you live every day of your life" - Jonathan Swift

I came across this saying this week and felt it was appropriate.  So what is living every day of your life?  How would say you have truly lived this day of your life?

There are many ways to explore this and over time we will -Comparing our time spent obsessing about sports, whether professional or at Enormous University; or in pursuit of items that don't truly bring lasting enjoyment; etc.

Right now though just simply compare these two songs.  I like both songs and appreciate the talent used in creating and performing them, but one song's ideas I embrace and the other are lyrics that as a viewpoint I totally reject. 



So, I'll take the former as a viewpoint to how life should be lived.  Enjoying my children and wife, friends and extended family, and most of all my most important relationship with my Savior and my God. 

So ask yourself, are you living life or looking back wishing what would have been?  If it is the latter, then you can do something about it, but you're the one to decide. 

May God bless you as he has me. 

Sincerely, eneg